About Us

About Us

What we are & What we do

●Within the last decade, Sampraday Events has become one of the most reputed leading wedding planning and event management company in India. Whilst creating weddings and events that are unique, companies that not only conceptualize but also designs, plans, and oversees all the key elements of creative and beyond ordinary. Sampraday Events has produced projects from conception to execution with award appreciated designs that engender surprise and exceed client expectations. Sampraday Events is one of the few weddings in the house.
●The team at Sampraday Events is collaborative, Hardworking, and uses there collective knowledge and experience of design to create meaningful and compelling project executions that are in line with the set budget and commitments.


●To be the first choice for clients in event planning across India, and transform the client's dreams in an event of a lifetime.



●Our purpose is to create the ideal event for our clients in a convenient & un-stressful way. Also, to provide high quality and professionalism to have our client's satisfaction  and coming back to plan their next event with us.